Picture of a Wylex MCB, NH, Type B, 16A, SP, 230-400V AC

Wylex MCB, NH, Type B, 16A, SP, 230-400V AC

Wylexs logo Alias PSB16-B
Product Code 2500041024

Product Overview


18mm wide modules|Compliant with BS EN 60898 and EN 60947-2|Suitable for use within NH Distribution Board|DIN rail mounting

Product Features

  • PSB16-B is a Miniature Circuit Breaker, is thermal-magnetic current limiting type. It is an easy to operate handle with a trip-free toggle mechanism, so even when the handle is held in the үnҠposition the MCB is free to trip. MCB are calibrated to meet the requirements of BS EN 60898, 30у calibration temperature. Adjacent thermal-magnetic MCBs should not be continuously loaded at or approaching their nominal rated currents when mounted in enclosures. When the current flowing through the MCB reaches a predetermined level, the solenoid directly pulls in the plunger which forcibly separates the contacts and simultaneously releases the trip mechanism. The high speed current limiting action ensures that the MCB operates before the full prospective fault current is allowed to develop.