Picture of a Tate & Lyle White Vending Sugar, Size 2KG

Tate & Lyle White Vending Sugar, Size 2KG

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Product Overview


Tate &Lyle Granulated White Vending Sugar 2kg. Ethical Fairtrade certified sugar. Long-life for extended use. Free flowing formulation designed for vending machines. Pack of 6. Non returnable. This white vending sugar features a specially enhanced formulation that flows more freely compared to regular granulated sugar, reducing the risk of blockage and making sure that your vending machine works at top efficiency. Ethically produced with Fairtrade-certified pure cane sugar for a fairer deal for sugar producers, each bag contains 2kg of white sugar.

Product Features

  • Brand: Tate & Lyle
  • Fairtrade-certified
  • White granulated Vending sugar
  • Width (mm): 300 Height (mm): 160 Depth (mm): 370
  • Size: 2Kg