Picture of a Tuffspot Mixing Tray, Black

Tuffspot Mixing Tray, Black

Parker Merchantings logo Alias BM194
Product Code 1030000326

Product Overview


Mixing Spot Tray for mortar, cement and and plaster that measures 1 metrex1 metre and is octaganol in shape. Rather than a flat mixing board where the mixing contents can spill over the edges, this mixing tray is specifically designed to keep the mixing contents contained within the tray rim. As a result, the mixing tray restricts spillage and prevents unsightly stains on driveways and lawns and helps keep the work area clean. The mixing tray is made from a tough, moulded, PVA based, anti-brittle plastic. Tuffspot easy clean mixing tray. Prevents ground/surface stains. Extremely durable. The external rim height of the mixing tray is 7cm and the internal rim height is 5cm. Black only.

Product Features

  • Mixing Tray
  • Size:1 metrex1 metre
  • Hexagonal shape
  • 7cm rim height (5cm internal)
  • Tough moulded plastic
  • Black only